MilageManager for BlackBerry

Record milage data on your travels with your Blackberry

MileageManager keeps record of your Business & Personal trips, tracks and automatically calculates amount owed based on reimbursement rate & odometer readings and allows you to export records in HTML format for printing or CSV (attachment) for integration with Microsoft® Excel by email.

The following data can be stored in MileageManagerDate

  • Trip Purpose
  • Odometer Start
  • Odometer Finish
  • Distance
  • Reimbursement Rate
  • Amount
  • Category (Business, Personal, Other)


  • Keep record of your Trips on your handheld easily & efficiently
  • Automatic calculation of 'Distance' and 'Amount Owed' based on Odometer readings and reimbursement rate
  • Export Records by Email in HTML format for printing OR as CSV (attachment) for easy integration with Microsoft® Excel
  • Record & Manage your trips in 3 different categories
  • Sort your Trips in Ascending or Descending order by the date of the trip, as per your needs
  • Filter out Trips based on the Category of the trip
  • Supports multiple currencies - Dollar, Euro and Pound

MileageManager keeps record of your Business and Personal trips and tracks your reimbursement amount calculated automatically based on the reimbursement rate.

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MilageManager 1.0

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